Friday, January 18, 2008

"...implementing a scheme..."

Transport for London will be implementing a scheme at the Bricklayers Arms during the current calendar year, however, no firm dates are available yet. This scheme originated primarily to regulate the traffic in a safer more efficient way at this location, but then grew into one to provide more direct, safer crossing points for both pedestrians and cyclists.

All four arms of the Bricklayers Arms Roundabout will be controlled by signals, including the westbound slip road, three of which (southeast, southwest and northwest) will have pedestrian and cycle facilities, and allow access to the central island of the roundabout, and the facilities constructed within. The northeast arm will have facilities to cross
Tower Bridge Road but not to access the central island. All stop lines will have advanced cycle stop lines provided.

TfL do not currently have plans to fill in the subways as such, but some alterations may be undertaken in carrying out other works, but that's not to say it won't happen at a later date.

- Transport for London statement March 2002

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